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Six years of research and two patents

Our history starts from afar and our mission touches the health of all of us: eliminate the harmful effects caused by presence of Radon in the environment. A challenge that also has a social value, because the gas is the second cause of lung cancer with over 3,000 deaths annually only in Italy (source: Organization World Health).

To find the answer to this problem we founded Clab, an innovative startup registered in the special register and we decided to systematize skills coming from the most disparate sectors: from geology to chemistry, from information technology to electronics, from design to engineering. After prototyping, testing and engineering all our devices, together with the investors who believed in us, we have created a NewCo to produce and distribute our innovation. The result is RADOFF.


People involved


Measurements made


Patents filed


Devices created

The natural evolution of RADOFF is Radoff LIFE, a device born with the goal of breaking down the risks generated by Radon, 'cleaning up' the air we breathe every day at home or in workplaces. Products already on the market, such as the anti - Radon barriers, are designed exclusively for new buildings. The main innovation of Radoff LIFE is the fact that it offers an answer even for existing buildings, without requiring expensive repaving interventions: it takes only few minutes to be installed. A real revolution: in fact, the current urban planning policies run counter land consumption, offering incentives to those who restore and redevelop the existing.

To create Radoff LIFE we have combined fluid dynamics, thermodynamics and engineering chemistry with artificial intelligence, Big Data and IoT; creating a phygital device. We also availed of important collaborations of universities, research centers and innovative companies who believed in us. The device also measures other environmental parameters such as internal temperature, air humidity, atmospheric pressure and concentration of fine dust.

But there is not only RADOFF: our experts have developed an algorithm, Radoff MAP, which allows to create potential maps of the risk of Radon gas; we have also made Radoff LIFE's technology portable, creating Radoff SENSE: a meter innovative for Radon gas.

One of our dreams is to contribute to the emergence of intelligent cities, one citizen-friendly space where massive data aggregation and modern technologies are at the service of health and quality of life: for this reason we have created Radoff CITY, an instrument that processes the data collected by our sensors to monitor the main environmental parameters in a smart way, generating databases through the Cloud technology.

At this moment we are prototyping two other devices, always related to Radon gas.

Interdisciplinarity, research and innovation

Interdisciplinarity. This word sums up our soul. We are a team which includes professionals from the most disparate sectors: engineers, architects, researchers, geologists and designers. Excellencies that have decided to make a system, integrating their respective skills. Different knowledge interpenetrate to create a network of experts able to offer a 360 ° scientific approach. We believe in value of formation and hard-won experience in the field. Anticipate the times is our mission, curiosity and inquisitive spirit are the engines that set in motion our action.