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About Us

A gentle revolution

Six years of research, interdisciplinarity, and innovation.
We have united different and comprehensive expertise: from geology to chemistry, computer science to electronics, and design to engineering to offer an effective and intelligent response to radon gas and indoor pollution.
After having prototyped, tested, and engineered all our devices and obtained 4 national and international patents, we are ready to share our innovation.
The result is Radoff.

Our story

Radoff is the result of the work of a team that believed in the possibility of an Italian startup to achieve an ambitious goal. In it there are years of research, passion, a pinch of courage, and the desire to move forward even when it seemed impossible. We have gathered expertise ranging from geology to chemistry, computer science to electronics, and design to engineering.

Our ideas have been prototyped, awarded, engineered, and valued by investors who believed in us and in the innovative power of what we have created.
The result is our products and the partnerships that now make it possible to bring our devices to homes and workplaces. It is our response to a huge social challenge, it is our way of helping to protect health and improve the quality of air and life.

The result is Radoff.



Homes, the environments in which we live together, have always provided the necessary shelter to the challenges, dangers, and uncertainties of the outside world.
And this has become dramatically even more true recently.

We want everyone to have the right to feel safe and protected in their own living environments, where relationships between people are stronger and more solid, where everything is truer.
There is a need for certainty that goes hand in hand with the awareness of living in a healthy environment.
We must all educate for a more conscious and serene community life, decisively using technology, which is fully at the service of the individual and of society as a whole.

Because the care of one’s own environment, loved ones, and community is what society needs.


Radoff has been able to count on many prestigious companies along the way. We have a technology transfer in place with CERN in Geneva and a collaboration with the Italian Society of Environmental Medicine for the scientific dissemination of our research. We have agreements in hospitals and nursing homes in addition to strategic agreements to open up to international markets, such as the one with eliquidMEDIA International (distribution in Canada and North America) and InvVal Capital (commercialization in Mexico and Latin America).

We have always interacted and collaborated with university bodies such as Sardegna Ricerche at the University of Cagliari or CubAct at the University of Sassari. We have developed a revolutionary sensor present in all our devices thanks to the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia and the University of Trento. Together with FBK, a scientific entity of excellence in Italy for its economic and social impact, we have succeeded in obtaining a sensor of very high effectiveness and reliability.


Our startup has gained the trust of many national and international investors, starting with an equity crowdfunding campaign and passing through the acceleration and investment paths of Boost Heroes, Invitalia Smart & Start and the VeniSIA project.
In 2021 we obtained investments from Linkem SpA, with which we have entered into an important strategic partnership.
Furthermore, other important companies have believed in Radoff by investing directly in equity in our company, including Intesa San Paolo SPA, CDP Venture Capital SGR and a group of prestigious Business Angels.

Radoff Inc.

We broadened out by landing overseas and entering the American market.

In March 2022 we opened an office in the state of California: Radoff Incorporation.

In the United States the problem of indoor pollution, in particular radon gas, is deeply felt by the population and laws are already in place to counter the associated risks.