TG2 Italia dedicates a service to the Radon problem: "The solution comes from an Italian startup" - Radoff
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Discover what Radon gas is, how it is distributed, what it causes, how to measure it and how to defend itself

TG2 Italia dedicates a service to the Radon problem: "The solution comes from an Italian startup"

tg2itaiaokThe TG2 Italia episode of 3 April 2019 has dedicated a broad focus to the problem of Radon gas, its spread in Italy and the health risks of citizens. Francesco Violo, secretary of the National Geologists Council, and Alessandro Miani, president of the Environmental Medicine Society, were present in the studio. "Colorless, odorless, present in the soil and in the rocks, produced by the radioactive decay of uranium, it easily disperses in the air but can become dangerous in closed and poorly ventilated places: it is the Radon gas. For the World Health Organization it is the second leading cause of lung cancer: in Italy 3,200 deaths per year are attributable to this gas, 10% of lung deaths. It emerges spontaneously from the ground and can penetrate through cracks in the floor. Lazio and Lombardy the regions with the highest concentration: the record goes to the city of Viterbo, one of the most extensive medieval centers in Europe, consisting largely of tuff, a material that can release highly concentrated Radon gas ”.

tg2italiabisHow do we figure out if there are these substances in our homes? "There are monitoring systems, one in particular was launched by an Italian startup, capable of monitoring both the amount of indoor radon and fine dust". "Let's not forget that Radon is a natural gas that can become dangerous for the human body, but also for animals, especially when associated with fine particles. It binds to the fibers of powder which, once inhaled, stop in the bronchi, bronchioles and pulmonary alveoli, allowing the Radon to reach the point of decay and to release its radiations ".



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The definitive answer to the Radon problem is given by Radoff LIFE, a device born with the aim of reducing the risks generated by Radon, "cleaning up" the air we breathe every day at home or at work. There are already products on the market, such as Radon barriers, which are designed exclusively for new buildings. The main innovation of Radoff LIFE is given by the fact that it offers an answer even for existing buildings, without requiring costly repaving: it only takes a few minutes to install it and thus activate an effective shield against the dangerous gas.

life logo 300 A real revolution, given that current urban planning policies go against the consumption of land, offering incentives to those who restore and upgrade the existing one. To create Radoff LIFE we have combined fluid dynamics, thermodynamics and chemical engineering with artificial intelligence, Big Data and IoT; creating a phygital device. We have also made use of important collaborations between universities, research centers and innovative companies that have believed in us. The device also measures other environmental parameters such as internal temperature, air humidity, oxygen and sends an alarm signal in case of gas leaks.
At national and EU level there are companies that produce monitoring devices but are not able to eliminate Radon gas from buildings.
As regards the defense and contrast of gas, one of the most widespread instruments on the market is constituted by anti-Radon barriers: of bituminous origin, they are installed under the foundations of the houses or under the floors.

RadOff Life.102They have high installation costs and are not suitable for existing buildings.
Compared to products already on the market, the advantages of the Radoff range of devices are two: 1) they have a double function: on the one hand they guarantee constant and real-time monitoring of Radon levels in the environment, on the other they are in able to start a complete remediation action as soon as the concentration exceeds the limit allowed by the Regulation (EURATOM 2013/59), eliminating the gas in closed environments up to 70 square meters but also cleaning the air from PM10 and PM 2.5; 2) they adapt perfectly to existing buildings (also thanks to its ease of installation) and do not require expensive repaving or renovation.
But there is not only RADOFF LIFE: our experts have developed a proprietary algorithm, Radoff MAP, which allows to create potential maps of the Radon gas risk; we have also made LIFE technology portable, creating Radoff SENSE: an innovative Radon gas meter.