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Radoff at CES

2023 January



We have been selected by the Italian Trade Agency and Sardinia Ricerche as one of the best Italian startups. Thanks to this recognition we were invited to the most important technology fair in the world, CES in Las Vegas!

Attendance at CES is newsworthy

2023 January



When one of the most innovative startups in Italy meets the largest technology fair in the world, then various magazines and others want to write about us.

You will find extremely interesting articles. Enjoy the reading!

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Articles on CES featuring Radoff

ENEA Certification

2022 December



Radoff is certified by ENEA (National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Development) and by INMRI (National Institute of Ionizing Radiation Metrology).
These certifications guarantee the reliability of our system against ionizing radiation both nationally and internationally.
Our innovative technology is totally Made in Italy and differs from competitor products thanks to quality, precision and innovation.

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They talk about us

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Milano Finanza
The young company is "the author of an innovative device for monitoring and reclamation in an indoor environment".
"From Emilia-Romagna to the United States of America to fight indoor pollution and defend people's health."
Il Nuovo Terraglio
"Radoff's project presented to the French ambassador in Italy"
Bologna 24 Ore
"From Bologna to California, Radoff lands in Los Angeles"

Domenico Cassitta among the 100 innovators of the year 2022

Domenico Cassitta, according to Startup Italia, is among the 100 people who made a difference in 2022 and who are ready to make it in 2023. People “who have left their mark”.


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