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The European Directive 2013/59/Euratom on basic safety standards against exposure to ionizing radiation says that Member States establish a reference level (not exceeding 300Bq/m3, both for homes and for work) above which action must be taken to reduce the average concentration.

Radoff Map

Starting from the need to quickly proceed to the reduction of the Radon gas exposure values ​​of the population and workers, we have created a proprietary algorithm that allows to calculate the potential risk of radon gas in the planet.


Radoff MAP has been developed using GIS systems (Geographic Information System) and can be used on any web browser.


Radoff MAP creates the first level map of the potential risk of the planet's radon gas.
By geolocating yourself, you can identify the radon risk around you.


Thanks to Radoff MAP, it is possible to intervene quickly on the reduction of the dangers caused by the exposure of ionizing radiations, guaranteeing users a completely safe and healthy working environment or living space.

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