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The average air consumption by breathing daily.
The time we spend indoors.

Monitoring and cleaning the quality of the air, both indoors and outdoors, is fundamental for an individual’s well-being.
Clean air = a better life: a simple and essential equation.
Even international guidelines recommend checking for the presence of radon inside buildings.

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The European legislation

On January 17, 2014, the new European Directive on protection from ionizing radiation was published in the Official Journal of the European Union with the aim of preventing, protecting and safeguarding the health of the population, limiting their exposure from any source of radon.
The new Directive is the product of a review process, which lasted years, destined to revolutionize the national legislations on radiation protection of all Member

States of the European Union.
Directive 2013/59/EURATOM imposes the obligation to monitor radon gas in all buildings (homes, workplaces, schools, public buildings) and the obligation to implement remediation solutions for concentrations above the permitted limits.

In Italy in July 2020, the delegation bill for the adoption of the Directive was passed by the Senate. Some regions have already started to act autonomously with regional laws already in force: Apulia (Regional Law 30/2016) and Campania (Regional Law 8 July 2019, n.13).

Regional Law 3 November 2016, No. 30, the «ANTI-RADON» law of the Apulia region, makes it mandatory to measure the levels of radon gas for buildings open to the public.
· Measurement is the responsibility of the business operators (owners or renters)
· The measurement tasks must last for one year, in two semesters
· Failure to comply with the legal obligation leads to the revocation of the establishment’s compliance with safety standards

· 300 Bq/mc is the threshold level of concentration of radon gas in the environment, beyond which it is necessary to proceed with remediation

B r e a t h e

A gentle revolution

We have revolutionized the way we breathe.

We did it after 6 years of research and 4 patents, bringing together talents from different disciplines with a single, big dream: to defeat an invisible enemy. Today we present to the world a range of innovative solutions to protect you and your loved ones from radon, but also to change the quality of your breath and your life.
It is the goal of a working group that believed in the possibility for an Italian startup to reach an ambitious objective. Inside there is research, passion, a pinch of courage and the desire to move forward even when it seemed impossible.

Meet Radoff.

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Radoff is always connected with you wherever you are

Find out what is hidden in the air you breathe through a simple application for iOS and Android smartphones so that you are always updated on what is happening in any indoor environment.
Download the app for free and check the data collected from wherever you are.
You can view the data in real time and check what was recorded on previous days.

What is radon and why it is important to measure it

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We have a unique relationship with each of our customers. We talk and listen to each other to offer more than just a simple device, but a real answer to improve the quality of the air we breathe.