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Radoff Sense is a rapid radon gas detector that monitors and controls the quality of the indoor air you breathe, helping you to create healthier environments.
The device monitors the quality of air in real time by detecting other parameters such as temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure, fine dust, VOC, and CO2 thanks to its sensors.

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With Radoff Sense you can monitor the quality of indoor air in an easy, fast, and intelligent way. In fact, Radoff Sense measures the level of radon gas within the first 30 minutes of turning it on: just connect Radoff Sense to constantly monitor the quality of air in each indoor location in real time. For cleaner air, always.


Numbers matter


With Radoff Sense, you always keep radon gas and the quality of indoor air monitored. Its advanced technology and the latest generation sensors give you total control of what you breathe. Radon levels fluctuate over time and are affected by elements present in our environment. Continuous monitoring allows these fluctuations to be taken into account, providing more accurate and meaningful results.

Discover the parameters detected by the device

Radon gas



Atmospheric pressure

Fine dust

Volatile organic components: VOC

Carbon dioxide

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Discover the parameters detected by the device

Simple: because it is about your health and that of your loved ones.
There are countless news reports by the media that speak every day of the rise in air pollution globally, but indoor air pollution – despite not causing a stir like climate change – is just as serious and important. So what are the sources of indoor air pollution, measured by Radoff Sense, against which we must protect ourselves?

Radon gas

The most dangerous among indoor contaminants. Radon is a radioactive noble gas of natural origin that is generated spontaneously and in small quantities in subsoil and rocks and then dispersed into the atmosphere.
Like all noble gases, radon is colorless and odorless, therefore it is difficult to detect.
Inhaling radon gas indoors can be very harmful to people’s health because it can trigger genetic mutations that can degenerate into tumors and leukemia. Radon gas is classified as a grade 1 carcinogen for humans.
The concentration of radon is not constant but varies over time, influenced by other environmental factors. It varies from day to night, according to the seasons and in relation to humidity. This is why it is important to measure and monitor it continuously


Maintaining the right temperature in rooms ensures the protection of our health and contributes to the reduction of environmental pollution.
In a lifestyle that sees the concept of eco-sustainability more and more closely, it is also necessary to pay attention to the temperatures in homes and workspaces.
Inadequate temperature and humidity levels leave an impact on the quality of air.
As the temperature increases so does the humidity and, consequently, the release of chemicals into the air.


Its value should be between 40% and 60%.
Excessive humidity in a closed environment damages the well-being of the people who live there.
A humidity level that is too high becomes dangerous because the humidity settles on the walls creating mold spores that can cause, in the long term, respiratory infections, allergic reactions, and asthma attacks.
At the same time, a humidity level that is too low will make the climate dry and facilitate the spread of bacteria and viruses in the environment.

Atmospheric pressure

Atmospheric pressure is the pressure recorded at any point on the Earth’s surface and is equivalent to the weight of a column of air over an area of ​​one square meter.
Factors affecting atmospheric pressure are: humidity, temperature, and altitude.
The variation in atmospheric pressure can cause more or less severe symptoms in people, including headaches, dizziness, joint pain, a sense of weakness, and reduced performance up to unprovoked anxiety attacks, depression, and shortness of breath.

Fine dust

Fine dust is so small that it can remain suspended in the air and be breathed in.
Dust dispersed in the air is able to absorb toxic gases and vapors by increasing the concentrations of polluting gases carried by PM10 and PM2.5 particles that reach the lungs.
By binding to the radon gas present in the air, they create a dangerous combination. International scientific studies have shown that fine dust can facilitate the transmission of viruses by accelerating viral epidemics.

Volatile organic components: VOC

They are a major cause of indoor pollution.
These are chemical compounds capable of volatilizing, that is, of evaporating easily in the air.
There are many sources of VOC pollution in indoor environments: cosmetic products, heating devices, cleaning materials, and cigarette smoke.
It is important to pay attention to these pollutants because they negatively affect the health of humans.
This risk can be prevented by monitoring indoor air.

Carbon dioxide

CO2 (carbon dioxide) is an odorless and colorless gas present in the atmosphere in limited concentrations.
In addition to being a gas responsible for global warming, it is a gas that also affects problems related to the quality of air in enclosed spaces.
As CO2 levels increase in an enclosed space, the cognitive abilities of the people who work or live in such environments decrease.
The increase in CO2 levels in the environment can cause damage to the respiratory tract.
This is why it is important to make sure that the air we breathe indoors is free of VOCs and CO2.

Perfect for any indoor environment

Radoff Sense is suitable for any building for which monitoring the quality of air is necessary: from workplaces (industries, companies, offices, etc.) to public spaces (libraries, hospitals, schools, etc.), from public administration offices to private homes. Because taking care of our air also means taking care of ourselves.

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Proteggi la salute della tua famiglia!
Un dispositivo di monitoraggio dell’aria indoor realizzato per essere sempre consapevoli di ciò che respiriamo all’interno delle nostre mura domestiche. La casa rappresenta l’ambiente confortevole in cui la nostra famiglia è protetta e al sicuro. In realtà l’aria interna è fino a 10 volte più inquinata a causa della presenza di numerosi inquinanti tra cui gas radon, composti volatili organici, CO2 e polveri sottili.
Tenere costantemente sotto controllo questi parametri è il modo più efficace per tutelare la salute delle persone a noi care.


Tutela la salute di clienti e lavoratori!

Uno strumento smart ed efficace in grado di monitorare l’aria indoor dagli agenti inquinanti presenti ad elevate concentrazioni. Conoscere la qualità dell’aria garantisce a lavoratori e clienti un ambiente di lavoro più sicuro e produttivo. Monitorare periodicamente la CO2 può essere d’aiuto nel limitare la diffusione di virus tra cui SARS-COV-2.

The true value of technology

Fast and reliable
Radoff SENSE measures the level of radon gas within the first 30 minutes of turning it on, thanks to the proprietary sensor, which is the result of a constant commitment to research and development.
Intelligent and intuitive
Thanks to its sensors, Radoff Sense constantly monitors the quality of indoor air, and it allows you to view all the measured parameters directly from the OLED monitor or check the data via the app.
Always connected with you
Radoff Sense allows you to check the quality of indoor air wherever you are. Puoi visualizzare sia i dati in tempo reale sia quelli registrati nei giorni precedenti mediante un’applicazione gratuita per smartphone iOS e Android o tramite interfaccia web, entrambi integrabili con i dispositivi Alexa e Google Home.
Minimal design
Thanks to its minimal design, Radoff Sense adapts perfectly to any style or environment.

Ask Alexa or Google Home how the air quality is

Radoff Sense is connected with you at all times.

You can check the parameters measured in real time or view the data recorded in the previous days via the dedicated app downloadable for free on Ios or Android smartphones.

You can pair the device with Alexa or Google Home to know what you are breathing.

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