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Knowing what you breathe is the first step to wellness

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The amount of air we breathe
every day

Indoor pollution can be up to 10 times more
than outdoor pollution


The time of our days that
we spend indoors

Deaths caused by indoor pollution in

Premature births attributable
to indoor pollution

Do you know what you breathe?

Hidden in the air we breathe are pollutants that are invisible and impossible to perceive through our senses that affect our microclimate and well-being.


Carbon Dioxide

Volatile Organic Compounds

Fine Particles
(PM1, PM2.5, PM10)



Atmospheric Pressure

It is a radioactive noble gas found underground and in rocks that leaks into the atmosphere. When it takes over buildings, it reaches high concentrations endangering the health of those who breathe it.

It is an invisible gas present in the air. As CO2 levels increase in an enclosed space, the cognitive abilities of occupants decrease, sometimes causing respiratory damage.

These are chemical compounds capable of volatilizing in the air we breathe. These particles are found in most everyday products and adversely affect human health.

Fine particles, if inhaled, can reach the lung areas leading to more or less serious disorders up to the development of chronic diseases. Binding with radon gas, they create a combination that increases its danger exponentially.

In a lifestyle that sees the concept of eco-sustainability ever more closely, it is also necessary to pay attention to temperatures in home and work spaces. As temperature rises, humidity also increases and consequently the release of chemicals into the air is elevated.

Its value should be between 40% and 60%.
Humidity that is too high or too low becomes dangerous and can cause allergic reactions, respiratory infections, and generate mold spores that damage the environment and the air we breathe.

Factors that affect atmospheric pressure are: humidity, temperature and altitude. Variation in atmospheric pressure can cause people to experience more or less severe symptoms from headaches to anxiety attacks and shortness of breath.

Perchè monitorare

Why monitor

Caught up in the hectic pace of daily life, we tend not to worry about the quality of the air we breathe every day and end up overlooking the heavy consequences.
In living or working spaces, people find themselves sharing the same air and ingesting thousands of harmful substances: the transmission of viruses and bacteria and the risk of contagion from any infectious disease are greatly increased.

Why purify

Poor air quality is synonymous with unhealthy environments that can compromise the well-being of people and property present. Combating pollution in the spaces we live in is the first step we must take to protect our health.
Improving air quality means improving the quality of life.
Perchè purificare

The well-being of the community
is our goal

According to the European Environment Agency, around 90% of people are exposed to concentrations of indoor pollutants that exceed levels considered harmful to health. To solve this problem, each of us can make a contribution, but a fundamental role is played by institutions and large companies that, through modern technology and a targeted strategic plan, can really make a difference by preserving public health and safe environments.

Through the use of innovative Iot systems, we offer an effective response against pollutants that contaminate the air, making it dangerous and unhealthy.
Ours are tailor-made solutions that guarantee constant control of what we breathe in order to experience spaces shared with other people in total comfort and safety.

A technological innovation that combines simplicity, sustainability, effectiveness and innovation.

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Radoff Sense
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Radoff Life
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