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Breathe a new air

for your home.

Hidden within our homes are invisible pollutants that are harmful to our health.
Discover what you breathe inside your home to preserve the well-being of your family and the comfort of your living spaces.

for your business.

Protect the health of your employees and customers by monitoring air quality in spaces shared by multiple people.
Radoff offers solutions suitable for all Business sectors and compliant for any building.

Ottimizza formazione studenti

Optimizes students’ education.

Respira sano lavori meglio

Breathe healthy, work better.

Offri ai clienti esperienza in sicurezza

Give your customers a safe experience.

Proteggi salute dei pazienti

Protect the health of your patients.

Create healthy and safe environments.
Starts with air quality.

Radoff Sense

unique and innovative.

The first plug & play device capable of purifying closed environments of radon gas and major air pollutants.

As easy as breathing.

Keep track of air quality in real time directly from your smartphone using the dedicated app.

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Radoff takes care of you.

Rely on Radoff to help you breathe healthy air and live better.
Our products offer a genuine and immediate answer to the problem of indoor pollution and constantly update you on the quality of the air you breathe.

Radoff takes care of your air.

Rely on Radoff to know in real time what you are breathing in your home.
The pollutants in the air are not perceptible to our senses, and we tend not to care about the amount of harmful substances we inhale on a daily basis.

Radoff takes care of your environments.

Rely on Radoff to preserve the comfort of your living spaces.
To create safe environments where we breathe healthy air, we need to start by monitoring air quality to be aware of what we breathe in the places we are familiar with.

Have you ever wondered
what happens when you breathe?

When we breathe we inhale about 12 thousand liters of air a day. In closed environments, the ones in which we spend most of our time, we are exposed to pollutants with higher values that can put our health at risk.

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Find out if your home is polluted.

Contaminants in the air increase human health risks by manifesting themselves not only in mild ailments but also in chronic respiratory diseases with more serious consequences. Some pollutants lead to genetic mutations that can degenerate into cancers and leukemias. According to WHO, Indoor pollution is responsible for about 3.8 million deaths worldwide each year.

Monitor and remediate your air.
Removing radon gas has never been easier.

Among the major indoor pollutants is Radon Gas, a natural gas of geogenic origin found throughout the earth’s crust. In the open air it dissipates, but from the ground it rises through foundations to the interior of buildings and pollutes them. Radon is classified as a grade 1 carcinogen and is responsible for more than 85,000 annual deaths worldwide.

Monitora e bonifica aria

Over 10 years of research.

The result of more than a decade of studies, investments and collaborations with university bodies and research institutions, it is the radon sensor with higher performance than those currently on the market. It performs radon gas concentration measurement with higher accuracy and shorter response time than conventional radon detectors.


Disruptive technology.

The first plug & play device capable of purifying indoor environments of radon gas and major air pollutants inside any building.


6 National and international patents

Radoff devices are unique and innovative. We have filed 6 national and international patents to protect our sensor technology and complex indoor air quality purification system with a focus on radon gas.


ENEA-certified radon sensor.

Our active radon gas sensor is the best performing sensor on the market. It detects the presence of gas in real time and offers the first measurement 10 minutes after being turned on. ENEA, the leading agency in the field of ionizing radiation, has calibrated and certified the effectiveness of our devices.

Find the perfect solution for your home.

Radoff Now

Radoff Now
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Radoff Sense

Radoff Sense
Advanced monitoring

Radoff Life

Radoff Life
Advanced monitoring + remediation

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